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NGS is a cybersecurity services and consulting organization that was founded to help support organizations that want to truly transform and mature their security programs. Our approach is to always simplify the complicated issues in today’s technology in order to protect the business in a meaningful way.

Each person within NGS understands how to quickly address vulnerabilities that have the potential to cause significant impact to today’s business. Our consultants and engineers have multiple technical and business process skillsets to help ensure that the practices and processes we develop, are effective and will last.

Cybersecurity is NOT….

  • Cybersecurity is not a check-box.

  • Cybersecurity cannot effectively be performed by only looking at logs or an annual report.

  • Cybersecurity is not someone in a black-hoodie who only wants to find problems without having an ability to create an effective solution.

New Genesis Solutions IS….

  • New Genesis Solutions uses multiple methods to validate that an organization has effective technology and processes.

  • New Genesis Solutions focuses on meeting with business stakeholders to create cost-effective solutions that meet a specific use-case.

  • New Genesis Solutions is focused on people-first and how we can all work together to protect an organization from cybersecurity attacks


Offensive Security

New Genesis Solutions specializes in offensive cybersecurity services, offering comprehensive internal and external penetration testing, along with specialized web application security assessments. Their approach goes beyond immediate vulnerabilities, delving deeper into potential exploits' broader implications to prioritize strategic remediation efforts. By delivering integrated reports and partnering with clients, we aim to create resilient security frameworks capable of withstanding current attacks and adapting to future threats.

Security Leadership and Development

For an organization's security program to meet its demands, a proficient leadership team well-versed in industry standards is crucial. New Genesis Solutions offers tailored expertise in frameworks, regulatory compliance, and best practices, ensuring alignment with an organization's unique operational environment. NGS provides vCISO services across diverse industries like transportation, banking, health, and legal sectors, assisting organizations in transforming their security programs to meet compliance needs without compromising business requirements. Services encompass SOC2 preparation, cybersecurity gap assessments, leadership support (vCISO), security analyst/engineering/architecture aid.

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Vulnerability Management
Insights Platform

New Genesis Solutions specializes in robust Vulnerability Management, crucial for safeguarding digital assets in the evolving cybersecurity landscape. We employ a proactive approach, including continuous scanning, assessment, and mitigation of security weaknesses through methods like penetration testing and software updates. Utilizing advanced tools and industry best practices, we reduce vulnerabilities, offering vital metrics for improvement to IT teams and executives.

NGS's Insights Platform transforms data into actionable information, catering to both managers and technicians. It empowers managers with a metrics-based view, enabling the identification of root-cause gaps in organizational processes and effortless filtering to address questions on coverage, remediation speed, and workflow efficiency. For technicians, the platform simplifies data selection for ticketing and provides deep insights into vulnerabilities like open ports or unauthorized software, facilitating the prioritization of risks.


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Bristol Global Mobility – Dennis Decot Vice President of Business Process and Systems

Bristol Global Mobility started working with New Genesis thru a referral and we can’t be happier.  Initially we reached out to New Genesis to assist us with our system penetration tests and vulnerability scans.  Both of those deliverables were delivered on time and with superb communication which we can’t thank New Genesis enough.  This year we are continuing our relationship with New Genesis as we work towards our SOC II certification.  Once again New Genesis has been nothing less than great in walking us thru the steps needed to qualify for our certification.   Thru our relationship, New Genesis and especially Hal Bass and Andy Jordan have been great partners to have.  We can’t say enough about how fortunate we are to have New Genesis as partners within our technology space.

High Level Feedback

SOC Prep – New Genesis has been instrumental in helping Bristol steer towards our goal of achieving our SOC II certification.   Through all of 2022 and into 2023, New Genesis has helped review, edit, and create new policies to be in line with what a SOC audit would ask of us.  In addition, they have been available for numerous ad hoc questions as needed.  The partnership has been amazing, and I am happy to report Bristol is now SOC II Type 1 certified.  Our journey will continue into 2024 with our Type 2 certification.

Monthly IT Updates – Hal is very much on top of sending us any IT updates that may be warranted to work with QCM Technologies on.  Many of these updates are evaluated by QCM and thanks to QCM to raising these items.

Bi-Annual Vulnerability Scans/Annual Pen Tests – We have entered into an agreement with New Genesis to run two vulnerability scans a year alternating with QCM Technologies and as well to perform an annual Pen test. All of these scans have been performed to our expectation and they have made themselves available to dive deep into the results. As well they were very receptive to sending forth an executive summary for each of these as asked by Bristol.  Once again, a great process through and through.

Anonymous Healthcare Company - Manager of IT & Infrastructure

I can't praise New Genesis Solutions’ Security Leadership, Security Engineering, and Vulnerability Management Services enough. As one of the largest FQHCs in the country, cybersecurity and GRC have always been top concerns. New Genesis Solutions stepped in and tailored a cybersecurity strategic roadmap to fit our needs and budget.


Their vulnerability management program has greatly reduced our risks and formalized our patching processes. Andy’s leadership has helped deliver Cybersecurity best practices to our organization and has been key in partnering organizational leadership with the IT and Cybersecurity teams. The entire New Genesis Solutions team is professional, responsive, proactive, and very collaborative, forming a value-added partnership. I highly recommend their services to protect your valuable assets. Thanks, New Genesis Solutions, for your outstanding work!

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