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Welcome to New Genesis Solutions

Cyber Security & Risk Management Services

Service Offerings


Our Mission

Our passion at New Genesis Solutions is finding, then helping to eliminate risks and vulnerabilities inside your business, and within existing Information Technology Management Systems and practices.


New Genesis Solutions consultants provide customers with customized organizational strategies, operational hands-on expertise and personalized assistance, value added services that reduce and eliminate risk.


The outcome of our customized approach enables customers to gain control of their systems, sensitive data, and technology programs – while reducing or eliminating risk.


Our Value

The guiding principle of New Genesis Solutions is to be "Relationship Driven".  The three pillars to being a relationship driven organization includes 1) being authentic with our clients, 2) providing solutions that are relevant to our clients, and 3) that we are committed to our clients and their success.


As one of the industry’s leading providers of cyber security and risk management solutions, we can be judged by the company that we keep and the impact we have created for our customers.


Our experts live, work and have families that consume products and services within the companies and industries that we serve. We are passionate about helping to secure and protect businesses and are committed to deploying Vulnerability and Risk Management programs and solutions that are cost effective, sustainable, and will deliver predictable support and services to our customers.


Your future is our future and we are here to support you.

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