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At New Genesis Solutions, we specialize in comprehensive offensive security services designed to protect and fortify your digital assets against the ever-evolving threats of the cyber landscape. Our suite of services includes both internal and external penetration testing, as well as specialized web application penetration testing.


Our internal penetration tests simulate attacks that could originate from within the organization, uncovering potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by insiders or attackers who have bypassed external defenses.

Our external penetration tests, on the other hand, mimic the strategies employed by external threat actors attempting to breach your perimeter defenses, providing you with a clear picture of your public-facing security posture.

Our web application penetration testing is meticulously tailored to address the unique security challenges posed by web-based applications.

By identifying and exploiting weaknesses in web applications, we help organizations understand and mitigate risks associated with their online presence.

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What sets our services apart is our vulnerability management approach. Unlike standard penetration testing that focuses solely on immediate vulnerabilities, we dive deeper. Our analysis considers every finding, not just the ones that were exploited during the test, examining the broader implications of potential successful exploits. This comprehensive review allows us to understand and convey the cascading effects of each vulnerability, providing a strategic roadmap for prioritization and remediation.

Our reporting doesn’t just list vulnerabilities; it delivers an integrated perspective, equipping you with the knowledge to understand the 'what-ifs' and prepare against them. We partner with you to create a resilient security framework, ensuring that your defenses can withstand attacks today and adapt to the threats of tomorrow.

Services Offered:

  • External Pentesting

  • Internal Pentesting

  • Website / WebApp Pentesting

  • Email Security Controls Assessment (O365 Assessment)

  • Phishing Assessment

  • Wireless & Physical Assessment

  • Application Security (DevSecOps Assessment)

  • Red Team Governance Framework

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