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For any security program to provide the level of security demanded by an organization, it must include a leadership team that is well versed in the applicable industry standards. They will need to be able to effectively align information security strategies with organizational ones and be able to advise on the best course of action needed for the organization to bolster their security program.

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The intricacies of various frameworks, models, regulatory compliance, vulnerability management, and even general best practices can be quite complex and need to be tailored to meet the specific operational environment and the needs of the organization.

Whatever the industry, whether its transportation, banking, health, or legal, New Genesis Solutions has been able to help many organizations transform their security program to meet the needs and compliance required for success. We provide vCISO services that will enable organizations to ensure they are set up with the best possible security solution without sacrificing the needs of the business.

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Services Offered

  • SOC2 Preparation & Audit Support

  • Cybersecurity Gap Assessments

  • Security Program Leadership (vCISO)

  • Security Analyst Support

  • Security Engineering Support

  • Security Architecture Support

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